Black Hair Care
Series 1 Episode 1

Black Hair Care

Understanding Afro Hair

All hair types types are composed of the same material however Afro kinky hair is different because of its shape. It appears thick, coarse, less manageable but it is the weakest and most delicate of all hair types. Natural Black hair requires gentle care when handling and when the hair has been chemically altered further care is required when styling.

Scalp Science

The scalp has 3 layers:

Epidermis (upper layer, this layer is what you work on daily).

Dermis (middle, network of collagen proteins that lend strength and support skin cells).

Subcutaneous (bottom layer houses the scalp’s fatty tissues and blood vessels).

Your body and scalp produce a natural oil called sebum. The epidermis layer of scalp sheds regularly as new cells grow. Drinking plenty of water hydrates your hair from within as water housed in the bottom layer of skin migrates to the top layers of your scalp to keep it moisturised.

Sebum is produced as a barrier for hair, skin to prevent moisture loss. Your scalp produces sebum regularly whoever the natural kinks and bends in afro kinky curly hair prevent sebum completing its natural intended purpose. Without sebum being able to penetrate the length of hair strands without extra assistants breakage and dryness will occur.

Black Hair Care 2

Series 1 Episode 2

Black Hair Care

What are hair needs?

Hair dyness and lack of moisture means hair is prone to excessive shedding and breakage. What are hair really needs! is to be clean, be able to breath. Heavy Oils will clog pores which does not create a healthy environment for our hair to grow and thrive.

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