Black History Month


Black History Month is celebrating our culture, our contributions, acknowledge our history, embracing our heritage and a much more. a family run Black Owned UK based company selling Black Afro Hair Products. Celebrating our Jamaican culture this Black History Month we acknowledge all our heroes that have gone before us, those you have made political advancements and have been activist for change for our communities.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”
― Marcus Garvey

Our Female led black owned company is making a difference in the UK beauty industry, working with Amazon and Etsy. Our brand promotes and encourages all textured hair types and see’s the beauty in every way you choose to wear it with no judgement or prejudice.

“Do not remove the kinks from your hair – remove them from your brain.”
― Marcus Garvey

Today we stand in support of the Black Pound Day movement, with a discount code: bhm-20 on our site. Nadina and the team will also be joining the Black Pound Day Team at their Black Pound Day Christmas Market in Birmingham on 4th December 2021, located at the Legacy Centre.

Author – The Cheeky Club.

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