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We are a UK Black Owned Hair & Beauty company specialising in great product, wigs and extensions. Heycheekybeauty was founded in 2019 by CEO Nadina Morrison.  She has always had a passion for Hair and Beauty, whether creating natural styles for herself, making wigs or installing extensions braids on friends & family and her clients. Like most women of colour in the UK she did not find it easy to obtain the right products needed to help maintain beautiful and healthy hair for this reason heycheekybeauty was launched.

The heycheekybeauty team understood the struggles that their customers face when obtaining the right products for all their hair textures needs. The team at heycheekybeauty are here to make life that bit easy, we source products from from all over the world and ensure our products are great for your hairstyle as well helping you to maintain healthy hair.

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