Black Pound Day SALE


Black Pound Day SALE is on today with get your Hair Products, Extensions & Wigs today & get 20% off subject to T&C.

Why Black Pound Day?

Black Pound Day is a solution-based approach to support the growth of the UK Black economy. As a direct and peaceful response to the systematic racism.

Why does heycheekybeauty support?

We are a Black Owned and female run business, offering products and services to benefit our community. Its often said a women’s hair is her crown, this is a simple concept but when we get message’s and feedback saying thank your for what we have done and how we have made them feel beautiful, its all worth it.

How to get involved?

#bpd helps to promote Black Owned Business which in term increase the income gap of Black people and boost the black economy.

What are we offering?

Our Black Pound Day Sale is offering 20% with code: hcb-black-march subject to T&C. Get free UK delivery on orders over £35.00, standard delivery fees are £3.95. Existing Sale items are not included.

For more information on Black Pound Day . When you purchase from black owned companies upload your receipts to the Black Pound Day Website.

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