Custom Bespoke Wig Foundation

Custom Bespoke Wig Foundation now available!

Our in house Wig Maker’s staff are finally able to put their skills to good use and now offer you Custom Lace Wig Foundation. You can order your foundation to fit you or your client perfectly, just supply the head measurement within 48hrs of purchase to our website and get a custom bespoke unit delivery within 14 days.

If you have large or small head and struggle to get foundations to suit why not try this service. Made from 40 denier Swiss Lace and Back Lace for hand-tied use from The Wig Department. Our own Human Hair Weft Collection can be machine sewn. If you have a small or large size head this may be the perfect solution for your head circumference,

The art of handcrafted wigs have been around for century and wigs these days if made correctly can be undetected. Our Wig Atelier have been trained by the best WQhair and a fully qualified do bring you your very own.

Custom Bespoke Wig Foundation can be made by request, email [email protected] if you require assistants taking your head measurements. A size guide is available to download for your assistants.

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