How to Moisturise Dry Hair?

The best source of moisture our hair needs is water. Our bodies require a daily amount of water to be healthy, replenish cells and to grow. Water moisturises our hair and follicles and helps it to grow healthy and strong, without it we would have damaged hair which will eventually break off.

When you find that your hair is dry and lacks moisture its usually because you either are not adding enough water (drinking 2 litres per day will help) or are having trouble retaining the moisture in your hair. A good hair regime and great products will help you on your journey to moisturise your dry hair.

Top Ten tips to reduce dry hair

Top 10 tips for reducing dry hair

Here are some tips on How to moisturise dry hair?

1 Drink plenty of water.

2 Choose a Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate Shampoo can dry out your hairs natural oils.

3 Limit the amount of times you shampoo

If you hair does not have product build we recommend Co-wash instead.

4 Protective Styling

Cold and wet weather can have a major impact on your hair. A protective style over the winter months will protect your hair from drying out.

5 Minimising heat manipulation

Heat damage from Blow drying and Straightening can severally damage and dry out your hair, therefore reduce this drying and styling methods.

6 Conditioner

Using a Conditioner that is hydrating, works well with your hair type and hair porosity.

7 Deep Conditioning

If you hair is dry using a deep conditioner that can penetrate healthy oils and nutrient is a must. You can had gentle heat whilst using this step.

8 Locking in Moisture

Once you have followed the steps above, having regular hair regime to lock in you moisture is key.

9 Retain Moisture while you sleep

Wearing a satin hair cap helps to prevent your hair from drying out against the cotton fibre’s on your pillow. Satin pillow or headscarf will allow your hair moisture to be retained on your head.

10 Understand your hair porosity

Understanding your porosity will help you to understand what you hair needs, how your hair is impacted by different products and how to look after you hair.

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