Natural Hair Movement


Natural Hair Movement has had some revolution in the Global Black Natural Hair Industry in the past several years, this has not come from the professional hair care sector. It has been born out of social media, YouTube has indirectly spearheaded the Natural Hair movement.

The platform has allowed individuals to discuss hair in all its glory. From 2008-2010 Black women began videoing themselves demonstrating, discussing and styling their natural hair, women like Rochelle Graham (Black Onyz) and Toni Daley but to name a few. Since then millions of women from around the world have used this platform to education themselves and others. YouTube has a host of how-to guides, quick tips and full tutorials.

Multi Million Dollar companies have been created from theses content creators and YouTube has been a global stepping stone to introduce these products. For many of us we have seen a full representation of  hair texture through this medium, it’s made us reflect on our own natural curls, coils and kinks in a brand new way that was evident previously was unheard of. Women of Colour have embraced their natural hair.

We have had generations of young women growing up and seeing these images and some are even aspiring to become a full time like Patricia Bright to share the same knowledge and skills. With access to google the science of hair has been studied and the benefits of ingredients have me made available to all. The mainstream Hair & Beauty industry has taken notice and  invested a lot of money to create brands for natural hair, brands like L’oreal dedicated lines for curly, coily and kinky hair types that are now found on our UK high streets store’s.

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