Protective Styling in Winter


In this season of the year Protective Styling in Winter months is essential. The cold winter months can play havoc with your hair wether your relaxed of natural. Black women for centuries and been using braids, bantu knots, cornrows, twists and wigs to protect and style their hair.

Weather conditions effects the density of have strands which causes them to expand and contract subject to temperature, wind, rain and snow. It can make your hair weaker which can then lead to damage and in some cases hair loss.

Protective Styling in Winter can reduces hair manipulation and helps your hair to maintain its natural oils while in this style. This does not mean you then to don’t touch you hair for the duration of your style, you still have to cleanse, moisture and protect your hair. For tips protective styling go to afrocenchix. for 5 protective style tips.

Braids and cornrows are commonly used to style hair, it allows a change in hair colour and hair lengths. Braiding and cornrowing your hair with X-Pression allows you to protect your hair and give you a brand new look. The cover picture model has box braid’s but depending what era your were born they are also called single’s. The X-Pression Braiding Hair can be used for this style and many more.

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