Wash Day Routine

Many things have changed over this current season, and our Wash Day Routine is defiantly one of them. December weather in the UK has been fairly mind however snow has just started to fall this week as we enter into the New Year. A new season effects the growth and health of your hair.

Our Founder Nadina said it best “My wash day routine is the beginning step to ensure I have healthy hair”. We all know the keeping Black Afro Hair moisturised is key to growth, this hair type can loss moisture through,

1 Excessive Heat Use.

2 Over processing your hair with chemical straightening products.

3 Using products that dry out your hair.

When washing your hair the shampoo ingredients clarify the hair and scalp and can stripe the natural oils from your head while removing the product build up. Therefore we recommend adding a moisturising agent like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Conditioner (pre-poo) in you pre wash routine while you detangle you hair to add moisture before washing your hair.

Nadina has 4c low porosity hair and during the winter months she has used Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Manufa Oil Intensive Hydration Masque as a pre poo treatment in her Wash Day Routine. She has seen decreased amount of hair shredding and seen her kinky hair have greater curl definition when styling.

For for benefit of the pre poo hair method go to Naturally Curly for some curly girl advice.

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