What’s inside your Wig Bundle?

Whats inside your wig bundle?

Since our business opened in 2020, we have been on the hunt for quality hair vendors to offer our custom Human Hair Wigs and Extensions. Therefore we purchase this bundle of wefted hair and started to extract the hair inside.

Wefted hair that have multiple length strands known as single drawn. if you choose 24″ hair extensions, it may have strands that are 20″ or 22″ – but most of the time the hairs are even shorter. When you buy 24″ sometimes only a few strands are actually 24 inches. Even though this is common practice in the extension market, depending on the hairstyle your planning to have this many not be the best solution for you.

Single drawn hair units look thinner, making the wig look straggly with the top thicker than the bottom. All experienced extensions hairstylist trim two inches off the hair to solve this problem. These type of wig bundle’s are cheaper compared to double drawn extensions.

Looking at what’s inside your wig bundle is important especially if your are reselling hair. So this year will are planning to bring full array of Human Hair Wigs and Extensions

Offering our customer the best quality hair is important to us, we continue to grow and develop wig making technique’s to ensure you get the best products on the makert. For custom wigs go to our partners at Etsy-heycheekybeauty.

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