What’s your Hair Porosity?

What’s your Hair Porosity? These words are often found on natural afro hair blog’s and black hair care company sites. Hair Porosity is defined by how you hair cuticle, layer respond when you add water to your hair.

Knowing your porosity will benefits your hair care regime, the products you use and the time spend styling your hair. Their are 3 types of porosity, low. medium and high.

Here are simple definitions of the porosity table and recommendation to support healthy hair growth.

Low porosity

Does not allow water into cuticles easy = Use warm/hot water at the start of your wash day routine to open up cuticles before adding shampoo.

Product build up is often and issue and hair is usually dry = Use lighter leave in conditioners and oils when styling and add often to prevent hair some drying and out. This will also prevent splint ends which can lead to breakage.

Hair takes longer to dry = Allow extra time for the drying process but still reduce the heat manipulation.

Medium porosity

Water is able to flow through the hair with ease.

Most products are available for use.

Holds hairstyles without any issues.

High porosity

The hair cuticle have gaps which allow moisture to come into hair easy but also to leave at the same rate = Use a products that are sealant’s after you moisturise to keep moisture locked in.

Hair has been altered by chemically strengthening, colour or by regular heat styling damaged = Adding hot oil treatments will benefit and seal in the moisture your hair needs.

Prone to fizz and tangles = Using a heavy deep conditioner and hair moisturisers will reduce fizz & fill cuticle gap.

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