Why shop with heycheekybeauty?


Why shop with heycheekybeauty? is a great question.

Our store provide quality hair products and wigs services for women of colour. As black women we often change our hair, from wearing our natural hair in twist outs, to then wearing a coloured wig, to then then wearing a protective style like braids (its our prerogative). It exhausting finding the all the products we need that are quality as well being available under one roof. Because of this we would often miss out on discounts and free delivery options. Therefore we wanted to make it easy for my customers to shop in one place. 

Ensuring heycheekybeauty is One stop shop for hair is our mission, as our business and the community at heycheekybeauty grows we want to help, inspire and share all the knowledge we have about Black Hair Care so here are the Top 10 reasons why you should shop here:

  1. Award winning Black Hair Care Products.
  2. We support and introduce UK Black Afro Hair Care Products.
  3. We are UK Black Owned Business.
  4. Their is never shame in your hair style chose.
  5. We have qualified in house Wig Maker’s.
  6. We offer Custom & Bespoke Wig Making Service’s.
  7. Offer same day despatch on hair products.
  8. Free Delivery available when your spent £25.00
  9. We support Black Pound Day!
  10. We are a female led business. Read About Us

If that is the best 10 reasons to shop with a hair company then we don’t know why you would go anywhere else For the latest blogs, update, promotions and discounts don’t forget to subscribe.

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