World Afro Day 2021

World Afro Day 2021

World Afro Day 2021 is a celebration & affirmation of Afro Hair and identity.  

A Global Day of change started on the 15th September 2017 by Founder Michelle De Leon to educate, empower and to support change. Michelle De Leon drive for change comes from her own her personal experience with her daughter. She has set up The Big Hair Assembly 2021 to help normalise this hair type amongst children & young people in schools and teach about Afro hair through Podcast and Live Stream Assembly

Race discrimination is still prevalent and that also trickles down to our Afro Hair. We have witnessed through a Afro swimming caps banned from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics game and  USA banning natural Afro Dreadlocks Hairstyles.

So Today is a celebration of Black Hair. The World Afro Day is endorsed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The team at support this day and encourage all UK schools to sign up. World Afro day is growing bigger year after year and has received National coverage from the Independent newspaper.

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